Water Savings

At the Annual Meeting on Nov 9. The board announced that they have signed a contract with Water Savings, Inc., a local company that specializes in eliminating wasteful water consumption then splits the resulting savings on the water bill with the property owner. They intended to begin doing inspections around the first of the year but this may be delayed due to contractual issues.

Here some quotes from the Water Savings, Inc. website:
Water Savings, Inc.
What we do
Since 1995, we've helped communities slash their water bills.  We'll analyze your current water usage, repair or replace toilets, faucets, shower heads, etc., and then handle all repairs.  We cover the significant up-front investment and handle all the maintenance - then we split the savings with you.  We take the risks and you get big benefits.
How we do it
Water Savings, Inc. has only one focus - saving water.  We've become the leading experts in cutting wasteful water consumption.  We constantly monitor the latest advancements, our employees are seasoned pros at eliminating waste, and we continuously monitor your water usage and quickly make any needed repairs.

Here is the company that makes the toilets & fixtures that were mentioned in WSI's presentation: Niagara Conservation

Bottom line: The more units that sign up, the more water that can be conserved, and the smaller our water bill.