Kenwood Forest II Bylaws

Every unit owner should have a copy of the condominium By-Laws and amendments. If you need another copy, call SFMC Management at (703) 392-6006. The following section highlights those rules of interest to residents and those most often violated. These regulations were adopted or amended under the provisions of Section 11-111 of the Maryland Condominium Act.

Residents may keep not more than two (2) orderly domestic pets, i.e. a dog, cat(s) or caged bird(s), but not more than one (1) dog. Pets must not be kept or maintained for commercial purposes or breeding. Pets are permitted in the general common elements of the condominium only when they are leashed and under the immediate control of a responsible adult capable of physically restraining the animal. Please refer to Article IX Section 3(e) of the By-laws for complete clarification of the rules pertaining to pets. The Council of Unit Owners, each unit owner/resident, the Declarant and Management Agent are free and harmless from any loss, claim, or liability of any kind or character whatever arising by reason of keeping or maintaining such pet(s) within the condominium.

All pets must be registered and inoculated as required by Montgomery County, Maryland, animal control laws, and other applicable laws. No person owning, harboring, keeping, or in charge of any dog can allow such dog to soil, defile, or defecate on the common elements unless such person immediately removes and disposes of all feces deposited by such dog by a sanitary method. The Board of Directors has the right, under the By-laws, to order any person whose pet is a nuisance, to remove such pet from the premises. The Board of Directors, after affording the resident the right to a hearing, has the exclusive authority to declare any pet a nuisance.

Residents may have an antenna or satellite dish in their attic, or anywhere inside their unit, on their deck or patio, but NOT ON THE ROOF OR ATTACHED TO ANY OTHER COMMON ELEMENT (e.g. side of a building). Prior Board approval is needed to place any satellite dish on any common element. In addition, ALL WIRING should be black (not orange or white) and inconspicuous (e.g. running alongside guttering). Contact the manager for guidance on where dishes might be placed on limited common areas.

Regular household trash is picked up curbside on Thursdays. Trash should be bagged in plastic bags that are securely fastened and placed in plastic containers with secure lids so that trash will not scatter or be accessible to animals. The secure containers should be kept in back of your unit until after 7:00 pm on Wednesday and removed promptly from the curbside Thursday evening. Special enclosed trash areas exist for authorized residents who have no trash disposal area at their own unit. These areas should not be used by other residents.

Thursday is also recycling day. The blue recycling containers should be placed at the main curb after 7:00 pm on Wednesday night or by 7:00 am on Thursday morning. Newspapers and other paper recyclables should be placed in paper bags or tied with string and placed curbside. DO NOT RECYCLE ANYTHING IN PLASTIC BAGS. For additional information or to request a blue recycling container call Montgomery County Solid Waste Disposal at 240-777-6410.

The County allows one special “move-in/move-out” pickup per unit for boxes and packing materials, and four special pickups for large miscellaneous items. Call 240-777-6410 to make arrangements. Materials to be collected must be placed curbside.

“FOR SALE” signs are forbidden on the common element. Such signs will be removed by Management. Please do not allow a real estate agent to post such a sign. “OPEN” signs are permitted on weekends only. Leasing agreements and the leasing addendum required by the By-Laws must be filed with the manager. The leasing addendum attests to the fact that a leasing resident will abide by the rules and By-Laws of the KF II Association as required by Article IX, Section 2 of the By-laws.

All motor vehicles parked on KF II property must
1. display current registration plates;
2. be in operating condition; and
3. be identified by a current KF II parking sticker or guest pass.

KF II parking stickers and guest passes are issued by the Management Office to resident unit owners and registered tenants, as provided in the By-Laws.

All vehicles belonging to unit owners and tenants must be registered with the KF II Management Office. Each unit is entitled to parking stickers for not more than two (2) registered vehicles and to one (1) guest pass. Additional stickers and passes may only be obtained through authorization by the Board of Directors. Parking stickers are issued for a particular registered vehicle and are non-transferable; if you sell or dispose of one vehicle and acquire another, please contact the Management Office. Guest passes are intended for the identification of vehicles belonging to individuals temporarily visiting a KF II resident. Since a limited number of parking spaces are available, guest passes are not to be used for regular parking of an additional vehicle or loaned to nonresidents (e.g. employees, commuters, etc.).Vehicles may be parked only in designated parking areas of the general common elements of KF II. Repair or extraordinary maintenance of vehicles on the common elements is prohibited.

Parking of junk vehicles or other vehicles which do not display current registration plates is specifically prohibited on the common elements of KF II. Parking of commercial vehicles on the common elements, other than those of contractors performing work on the property, is also prohibited except for the period of time necessary for the performance of the business purpose of such vehicle. Trailers, campers, camp trucks, house-trailers, boats and the like may not be parked on the common elements, according to the By-Laws. Please refer to Article IX Section 3(g) of the By-laws for complete classification of vehicles that are not allowed to be parked on the common elements.There are several parking spaces designated for handicapped use only. Use of these spaces is limited to vehicles bearing a handicapped license plate or official placard.

Any unauthorized vehicle parked on KF II property is subject to ticketing or towing at the owner’s expense.

Kenwood Forest Condominium II, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the loss of or
damage to any vehicle, authorized or unauthorized, while parked on KF II property.

The area around heat pump units should be kept clear of leaves, snow, and ice. It is the responsibility of the unit occupant to maintain the operation of their heat pump.

Please water the grounds around your unit, especially in dry weather. The maintenance staff doesn’t have enough time to water all 36 acres. We all have an investment in the common element. Water is a common expense and is included in the condominium fee. In addition, be sure to turn off the water to your outside spigot in the winter months.

Please help keep our community clean by picking up any stray trash you may see on the property.

Excessive noise is a nuisance and is prohibited by the By-Laws But, Bylaws aside, common sense tells you that living in close proximity to others demands courtesy and respect. When hosting a party, make sure the noise level doesn’t get out of hand, especially in warmer weather when parties often spill onto patios and decks. Never put stereo speakers outside. When you do plan a large gathering, be courteous and let your neighbors know the day and hours in advance.

Article X, Section 1 of the By-Laws states that all modifications outside your home must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee designated by the Board. In addition, some modifications within your home may also require approval. The Board of Directors recommends that you carefully read these rules and guidelines and Article X of the By-Laws concerning architectural control.